Garage door maintenance springfield mo
You could prevent tragedies with regular garage door maintenance by visually inspecting your garage door system monthly as part of your regular routine. Greene County Garage Door takes maintenance a step further with our Preventive Maintenance Program, establishing a consistent routine maintenance of your equipment for longer life, more reliable performance, and early detection of operational malfunctions. Periodic preventive maintenance inspections can reduce both downtime and major repair expenses while extending the operational efficiency of your commercial doors.

Greene County Garage Door preventive maintenance will:
● Increase the efficiency and reliability of your garage door and its mechanics
● Extend the life of your garage door equipment
● Reduce the probability of garage door opener and equipment malfunctions
● Decrease downtime from your garage door not working properly
● Lower long-term garage door repair expenses

Weather Stripping & Seals
Stripping and rubberized seals on your garage door typically last 10 years, deteriorating over time, becoming cracked, dry, and brittle. Replacing weather stripping keeps out debris, critters, and helps to ensure your garage is protected against the elements and extreme temperatures.

Garage Door Springs
Along with regular usage, rapid and extreme temperature changes in the Ozarks can lead to garage door malfunctions and broken garage door springs. Regular maintenance can help deter damage, may extend the life of the springs, and can keep your garage door functioning properly throughout all seasons. Springs are rated on a cycle rating.  A spring’s life cycle is the number of times the door will open and close before the spring breaks.  You can expect standard 10,000 rated springs to last approximately three-to-10 years if used daily. We offer standard springs and upgraded springs 15- 20, 000 cycle rating.

Other services and products: Rollers, Cables, Hinges, Track Adjustment & Replacement, Torsion Spring Conversions, Garage Door Openers, Emergency Repair Services.